Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ring week

Oops! we seem to have slipped into another week already... So coffee, yes please and a ring!! They are... groovy: Check, they are... colourful: check, they are noticeable: ... unmissable actually, do we love them: oh oui!!! Do we have any other news... be patient, news of our wearable art exhibition coming very very soon.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Le bleu

Some vibrant blue flowers for this long felt necklace, mounted on a bronze chain.

Great start of the week!

Japanese breakfast and the arrival of spring... at long last!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

A week of networking!!!

Well, we have been rather busy networking this week, thats our business term for coffee, lunch, coffee, more coffee and perhaps the odd cup of tea and scones...hmmmm!! Lots of talks of new designs and ideas, but a distinct lack of production. But keep looking... next week pixies of interesting new textile rings by Lolita and definitely unique enamel copper rings by Yves. To be continued...

A sneak preview of the first designs of felt rings: J'adore!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Learning Japanese!! and some new designs!

A duo of cream and blue felt for this loop necklace, I love it!!

Cream ruffle felt Neclace, sooo.. soft

Lolita will one day finally make it to Japan, but in the meantime has teamed up with friend Noriko to brush up (although brush up is maybe slightly optimistic, think I need to start all over again) on Japanese in exchange for some French.
Ohayo gozaimasu Noriko, O genki desu ka?
So for this week will be some new felt designs and some Japanese to lesson 3. Oh la la, C'est pas facile.

What's new ?

Yves putting the final touches to her enamel designs

Well, we have had a really busy week, working on new designs and found a new wee exiting place to work from on a Wednesday. Yep, from now on, you can come and see us on Brunsfield place in the gallery next to Ood kitchen cafe, there is no name above the door yet, but you can't miss it. Cool furniture outside and inside, some amazing designs by Simon Whateley, who owns the gallery.

And the plan is... to organise for a variety of artists and makers, including us (of course) to display their wearable works of art. So look out for dates, names, launch...

How exiting... so come and visit! The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you've read last's month Scottish Homes magazine, there is an article about Simon in the Talent Show Furnitures rising star section.